Selerity Rolls Out A.I. Powered Analytics for Bond Sales & Trading

Selerity | 07/19/2018
New York, July 19, 2018 - Selerity, a workflow automation company, is launching the Private Context Engine (PCE) and Trade Opportunities, a suite of A.I. powered analytics for bond sales & trading.
PCE uses proprietary natural language processing (NLP) to extract trade-related metadata from digital communications (chat, e-mail) between the sell-side and buy-side, powering next generation analytics for credit professionals.
“The bank of tomorrow relies on data rather than memory," says Ryan Terpstra, Founder & CEO, Selerity, "Our technology enables credit professionals to target opportunities in a data-driven way and generate more revenue while using less balance sheet."
In addition to detecting financial entities and instruments in digital communications, Selerity PCE is the first NLP engine capable of extracting comprehensive trade objects: inquiries, quotes, executions, price, size, direction, and amendments specific to bond sales & trading. This capability unlocks powerful analytics like Trade Opportunities.

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