Selerity Real-time Event Data
Real-time, Machine-readable Event Data For Automated Professional Investors
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Selerity is the market leader in detecting and delivering machine-readable event data in real-time as events are breaking. The Selerity Intelligence Platform pulls market-moving, factual information from public-only sources using proprietary real-time search and extraction technology. The product offering is designed for automated investment professionals looking to incorporate events into their risk management and trading strategies.

Key Features:

  • Automated detection & delivery of market-moving events
  • Unparalleled data accuracy and speed
  • Truly machine-readable event data
  • Simultaneous, fair data feed delivery
  • Integrated web-based and API-based event calendar

Delivery Options:

  • SeleritySync Web-based Viewer
  • Internet Data Feed
  • Direct Data Feed via Co-location:
    • Washington D.C. (CoreSite)
    • Aurora, IL (CME)
    • Secaucus, NJ (Equinix)
    • Frankfurt, Germany (Equinix)
Selerity offers the following market-moving event data:
Global Economic Indicators
U.S. Corporate Earnings
Same Store Sales & Guidance
Monthly Automotive Sales
U.S. Earnings Date Announcements
U.S. Dividends
Genscape Cushing Oil Storage Data
EIA Energy Statistics
U.S. Earnings Pre-announcements
U.S. M&A Events