Selerity Context

Drive engagement by integrating high-quality content into your enterprise application personalized to your user's workflow and interests

Selerity Context is a contextual search & discovery service for enterprise applications used by finance and business professionals. Applications using Selerity Context can empower their users with content discovery, search, and personalization capabilities based on a user's workflow and what's happening in the world in real-time.

use cases

Enterprise Messaging Platforms

Dynamically recommend personalized news and research based on companies and topics being discussed by your users. Enrich real-time conversations with relevant content.

Digital Wealth Platforms &

Construct company quotes pages with the most up to date and relevant content. Reduce low relevance and redundant content from inconsistent source tags.

Research & Banking Portals

Recommend relevant content based on companies, currencies, and commodities being searched by users. Create a trending news and topics page to drive engagement.

powerful new capabilities for your users

premium content

Selerity sources content from the best publishers, platforms, and researchers relevant to financial and business professionals.

semantic search

Return recommended content based on your user's search queries optimized for their industry and profession.

real-time push of novel and trending content

Dynamically push your users relevant content based on their interests and what's trending in the market.

automated, anonymized personalization

Content individually tailored to users leveraging anonymized session IDs. Pass Selerity anonymized information about your users such as watch lists and profile information to further personalize their experience.

great content

Selerity sources content from the most reliable sources of news, research, and data. We also push Selerity's proprietary, breaking news notifications through Selerity Context.

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Sample of Sources

contextual recommendation engine

Selerity's proprietary platform combines domain-optimized content analytics with user behavior analysis to dynamically recommend engaging content in the moment.

Supported Languages:

Domain-Optimized Content Analytics & Data

Domain-optimized machine-learning used to gain deep understanding of content 'aboutness'

Personalized, High Quality Content Recommendation

Dynamic push of contextually relevant content specific to user's interests

Domain-Specific User Intent Identification

Harvest anonymous user activity at scale to predict user intent and interests

UI Widget


Seamless integration

Selerity's service is delivered via API or user interface (UI) widget to make integration fast and easy. Selerity Context can be queried to return recommended content based on various entity types relevant to financial professionals.