Selerity Integrates Twitter Data Into Real-Time Social Intelligence and Recommendation Solution

February 9, 2016

Instant access to Twitter’s breaking news and commentary now available via the Selerity Context App within the Symphony workflow platform

Real-time, relevant Twitter content recommended by Selerity Context to empower faster and better decision making

Read-only, verified Twitter sources to satisfy needs of regulated financial institutions

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Today, contextual content recommendation company Selerity is pleased to announce that finance and business professionals are now able to access breaking news and commentary from Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) via the Selerity Context Application within the Symphony workflow platform. Selerity’s integration of Twitter data enables financial services firms to benefit from a real-time social intelligence solution.

In addition to personalizing Twitter content based on an individual’s interests and messaging workflow in real-time, Selerity provides a fully compliant solution for financial services firms and other regulated enterprises by offering read-only, public information from sources on Twitter verified by Selerity.

Selerity’s dynamic, context-based recommendation platform, Selerity Context, incorporates powerful relevance, credibility, engagement, and personalization algorithms to now surface high-quality, market-moving Twitter content in real-time.

Specific features offered by Selerity Context include:

Real-time, relevant tweets related to companies, currencies, commodities, and topics using semantic search and real-time push notifications

Semantic-based content analytics to filter out low relevance content

Twitter handle look-up to view relevant Tweets by specific sources

Complete access to the real-time stream of public Twitter data to identify highly influential Twitter accounts

Compliance checks on all Twitter handles, including proprietary classification of source type (e.g., journalist, media, politician, company, etc.

Read-only access to public-only Twitter content

In September 2015, Selerity Context integrated with Symphony and is now available as an application within Symphony’s secure communication and workflow platform. Symphony users can now access Selerity’s social feed in a manner that is secure, verified, and intelligently filtered for relevance. Selerity’s integration of Twitter data empowers business and finance professionals using the Selerity Context Application within Symphony to make informed business decisions based on contextualized, up-to-the-second information from the world’s leading social platform.

Ryan Terpstra, Founder and CEO of Selerity, comments:

“As journalists, politicians, governments, and companies increasingly disseminate time-sensitive, market-moving information such as earnings, merger and acquisition (M&A) announcements, policy decisions, and commentary via Twitter, having access to relevant, real-time Twitter content is crucial for knowledge professionals needing to make swift and informed business decisions.

The challenge is that until today, there hasn’t been an enterprise-wide solution for capturing Twitter in a way that is contextually relevant, compliant, personalized, and integrated into a user’s enterprise messaging workflow.

Selerity Context is pleased to work with Twitter and Symphony to provide enterprises with a solution that enables their teams to leverage social content for better, faster, more informed decision making in the moment.”

Universally recognized as a medium for breaking business and political news in real-time, as well as broadcasting events from around the globe as they occur, Twitter is acknowledged as the world’s first aggregated source of real-time information from traditional mainstream media, local media, politicians, thought leaders, and citizen journalists alike.

Chris Moody, VP of Data Strategy at Twitter, comments:

“Access to Twitter content is becoming increasingly important to the financial services community. This agreement with Selerity helps make critical Tweets available to investment and trading professionals in a way that's integrated directly into their existing workflow.”

Today’s announcement furthers Selerity’s commitment to empowering business and finance professionals with context-based recommendations of information shared on Twitter by journalists, media organizations, governments, politicians, analysts, and corporations.

David Gurle, Founder and CEO of Symphony, comments:

“Today’s modern workforce is more social, mobile and connected than ever before, and professionals rely on secure access to critical information when and where they need it. The Selerity Context integration with Twitter delivers user-generated content that is real-time, relevant and read-only via Symphony’s secure and compliant workflow platform, which contributes to our team collaboration solution.”

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