April 18, 2017

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Web Financial Group, a leading data-driven managed service solutions provider, and Selerity, an A.I. powered contextual search and automation company, announced today that they have partnered on content personalization solutions for the digital wealth market.

By combining Web Financial Group’s cutting edge technology platform and Selerity’s powerful contextual search and notification tools, digital wealth platforms can automatically tailor their users’ content experience to drive engagement and end-user productivity. The joint solution works across all major types of unstructured data including news, research, social media, and a client’s own thought leadership and proprietary content. Furthermore, Selerity’s A.I. is capable of personalizing content across global asset classes and even subjects including equities, fixed income, FX, commodities, regions, industries, and central banks.

Utilizing Web Financial Group’s end-to-end managed solutions that support the customized combination of market & financial data with user data, Selerity’s A.I. can seamlessly be integrated into client platforms to provide a highly intuitive, personalized workflow for retail investors. Selerity’s platform uses multiple, advanced machine-learning algorithms optimized for financial services delivering only timely and impactful intelligence to end-users. This includes user intent, holdings, content relevance, and what’s happening in the world in real-time.

"The key to differentiation for our banking clients lies in their ability to offer personalized digital banking experiences to their users. Working with Selerity amplifies our capacity to enable banks providing each customer with a truly unique offering”, says Jeremy Diamond, President of Web Financial Group, North America. He adds, “By remaining 100% vendor neutral, it allows WebFG to incorporate best of breed content and functionality for our clients into our customized, hosted platforms."

"By harnessing Web Financial Group’s advanced marketing technology capabilities and managed solutions, Selerity is able to more rapidly integrate into a client’s platform without significant development and lead times", states Ryan Terpstra, CEO & Founder of Selerity. "Users are demanding personalized experiences that deliver the most relevant and impactful information specific to their investments, not just the basic aggregation of multiple sources."

About Selerity

Selerity is a financial technology company using proprietary A.I. to deliver content and data solutions designed to automate inefficient workflows in finance. The Company’s clients range from sophisticated asset management firms and banks on Wall Street to innovative media and technology companies that serve retail investors. Selerity’s flagship product, Selerity Context, offers search and personalization solutions for the capital markets and digital wealth industries, while the Company’s event data powers trading, risk, and investment models used by retail and institutional investors.

About Web Financial Group

Since 2000, Web Financial Group strives to democratize access to market-moving information for investors through digital solutions for the integration, presentation, and promotion of market and financial data.

Today, Web Financial Group continues its commitment to innovation as a data-driven managed service solutions provider, bringing innovative solutions to help financial institutions better meet the evolving needs of investors. With more than 170 financial services clients including retail and private banks, digital brokers and asset managers, Web Financial Group is the only player in the market that combines the intelligence of Martech with the efficiency and user-driven approach of Fintech.

Web Financial Group's Tech division integrates market and other financial data for more than 12 million instruments (indices, shares, fixed income, funds etc.) worldwide. Web Financial Group Tech is vendor agnostic and sources its data from providers like Activ Financial, FactSet, ICE Data Services, Moody’s, Morningstar, SIX Financial Information, Standard & Poor’s, Thomson Reuters, and also directly from data owners like stock exchanges or banks. After data validation and quality assurance, original and derived data is flexibly linked together and selected for the specific needs of each customer. The data is then combined with value-added tools and functionality and provided to clients via customized interfaces as feeds or as managed solutions hosted in Web Financial Group’s data centers. In the latter case, Web Financial Group Tech also provides customized front-end development and hosting. Our tech solutions are used on websites, on mobile solutions including smartphones and tablets, Intranet and Extranet, or in internal systems. Web Financial Group is making major strides in the North American market through its innovative managed service solutions having launched its North American operations in 2016.

Press Contact

Web Financial Group
Noemi Barrientos Herrero
Head of Corporte Marketing & Innovation

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