FreightWaves Chooses Selerity to Provide Real-time Social Intelligence on the Transportation Market

December 18, 2018

Selerity, a workflow automation and data solutions company, announces that FreightWaves, the leading data and content source for the freight market, has chosen Selerity Context to deliver real-time social intelligence from Twitter to its SONAR platform. SONAR, the first dashboard to serve the nearly $1 trillion North American surface freight industry, provides transportation companies and financial speculators with real-time and near-real-time actionable insights on the direction of the freight market.

FreightWaves will use Selerity Context, a contextual search and personalization service, to deliver relevant breaking news and industry updates from Twitter to its freight market client base. Insights include breaking news and sentiment, along with information about market conditions, events, and developments.

“We are very pleased to be working with an industry disruptor like FreightWaves. Leveraging Selerity Context, FreightWaves users will have access to time-sensitive, market-moving information automatically tailored to their interests,” says Ryan Terpstra, CEO and Founder of Selerity.

In addition to social intelligence from Twitter, FreightWaves will also have access to Selerity’s real-time trending topics. When important themes are trending in the market, users will be notified with relevant updates. This includes topics related to secular changes, supply-chain events, investment decisions, freight risk, and more.

“Freight movement is the liquidity that keeps global supply chains moving. Risk and market developments have an immediate impact on participants in the freight industry. Twitter is the world's fastest source of sentiment and market news, providing insights on subjects that range from weather and natural disasters to strikes, public policy, and other breaking stories that will affect the industry. We chose to partner with Selerity because they’ve created industry-specific search algorithms that tailor real-time content based on the interests of our end users,” says Craig Fuller, CEO of FreightWaves. "Selerity was chosen after an exhaustive evaluation of the various providers in the market—Selerity Context delivered the right combination of content processing features with the flexibility for further customization to meet our needs.”

About Selerity

Selerity is a financial technology company using proprietary A.I. to deliver content and data solutions designed to automate inefficient workflows in finance. The Company’s clients range from sophisticated asset management firms and banks on Wall Street to innovative media and technology companies serving retail investors. Selerity’s flagship product, Selerity Context, offers contextual search & automation solutions for the capital markets and digital wealth industries, while the Company’s event data powers trading, risk, and investment models used by retail and institutional investors.

About FreightWaves

FreightWaves is the industry leading provider of freight related news, content, data, and analytics for the freight markets. is the No.1 trafficked freight and logistics news site globally and receives twice the traffic and engagement of any other news site in the industry. The company has also developed FreightWaves SONAR, the industry's first SaaS-based data and analytics freight market dashboard, and in conjunction with DAT and Nodal Exchange, FreightWaves is launching Trucking Freight Futures, the first-ever futures contracts settled on trucking spot rates. FreightWaves' core customers are both freight industry professionals and financial institutions with direct and indirect exposure to the freight or related markets.

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